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Age and Sex Profiles of Speeding and Drink Driving Offenders and Drivers Involved in Casualty Crashes

McColl, Ross

Enforcement & Penalties


This paper is drawn from a larger report, ?Age and Sex Profiles of Speeding and Drink Driving Offenders?, and presents details of the age and sex of drivers involved in casualty road crashes, or detected for speeding or drink driving. Two hypotheses were presented from a review of an earlier report (McColl RA, Sutherland N, 1998, Demographic and Offence Profile of Speeding in South Australia). The report had noted a consistency in the age distributions of various sets of speeding offenders, with a peak around 20 years of age and a steep decline with increasing age. This will be termed the ?typical age pattern?. It also noted that as the offences became more serious, the proportion of male and young drivers increased. The hypotheses were that these factors would also exist with drink driving and casualty crashes.