ARSRPE Conference Paper Database

Regain the Momentum

Hayes, I.W. (Harry)

Enforcement & Penalties


This paper and presentation discusses the ever-changing environment of traffic enforcement within a modern police organisation. As a ' vehicle ' to demonstrate this change process, the Victoria Police will be examined to see what if any change has taken place over the last 20 plus years. During this presentation, I would like to reinforce the underlying message, (that traffic enforcement is seen by agencies such as the Victoria Police as a core function of a modern and progressive police organisation).

As I progress through this presentation, it is my intention to look at some of the organisational and operational changes that have occurred, with discussion focusing on some of the reasons why this change has occurred. This discussion will not only focus on the changing face of traffic enforcement, but will also look at how traffic enforcement fits within a police organisation that in essence has changed the fundamental way it goes about its business.

Particular attention will also be paid to the partnerships between police and other road safety stakeholders. Arising from this association, there will be discussion on the planning process to ensure an appropriate delivery of traffic services to the community of Victoria. This presentation will culminate in discussion on the current traffic enforcement model of Victoria Police. Police delegates, in attendance here today will be challenged to consider the issues arising from this presentation, as to how they can manage and further reduce "their" respective crash rates and at the same time deliver an appropriate level of traffic services to their respective communities.