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Christchurch?s 40km/h Part Time School Speed Zone Trial: Community Perceptions and Attitudes

Cottam, Paul

School Safety


Christchurch?s two year part time 40km/h school speed zone (SSZ) trial started in January 2000. An evaluation of the trial has been carried out by the city council in terms of attitudes and perceptions of its effectiveness. The five school communities involved and a section of the general driving public were surveyed. Results show a high level of support for SSZ, and for their extension. They were seen by respondents to slow vehicle speeds, raise driver awareness of children, and increase the safety of children. Within the high regard shown for SSZ, analysis also showed an effect of reduced impact of them for respondents who drove through a SSZ site frequently. The electronic lights activated during the before and after school period when the school speed zone operates were felt to be an important feature to driver behaviour modification.