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Redevelopment of Victoria?s Car Driver Learner Permit Knowledge Test

Butler, A., Congdon, P., Imberger, Kelly

Driver Licensing & Training


It is widely acknowledged that young and inexperienced drivers are over represented in traffic accidents compared with more experienced drivers. It is important that a licensing system assesses the critical aspects of an applicant?s knowledge of road rules and driving performance. Some research suggests that a licence testing program directed at critical knowledge requirements is capable of reducing the likelihood that drivers would be involved in crashes for which they are responsible.

In Victoria, a Graduated Licensing Scheme was introduced in 1989. The first stage of the Scheme is for an applicant to obtain a learner permit by sitting a computerised Knowledge Test. The preparation for this test is based on the Road to Solo Driving handbook. This new handbook contains information on the complexity of the driving task, hazard perception, how to best acquire the necessary skills for solo driving, and the road rules.

Due to the introduction of the new handbook and new road laws, a new Learner Permit Knowledge Test has been developed. This paper provides an overview of the new Test?s development process including its ergonomic design, the design of test items, trialing of the test items and interface, and psychometric properties.