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Andrews, Jennifer



The need to improve the complience of urban speed limits has been a major concern to our community. Since the implementation of the 50 kph Urban Speed Limit throughout Cessnock City LGA, community concerns have increased and police resources have been unacceptably stretched attempting to enforce the new limits. There was also a view that there was a need to better utilise the available resources of both police and Council in a more coordinated approach so as to maximise results and achieve significant outcomes. The Urban Street Speed Strategy was developed as an education and enforcement based program incorporating a collaborative approach to speed management throughout urban areas utilising Council resources and Police Cooperation. It was intended to adopt this new approach to 6 streets that would be identified through examining councils complaints register, crash data, traffic information, police concerns / Traffic Infringement Notices offences. Streets were also evaluated on their road environment and their amenability to engineering solutions. The Urban Street Speed Strategy was developed.