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Mobile Speed Cameras in the ACT - Slashing Speeds and Cutting Crashes

Anderson, Robin, Edgar, A.W.



Speed cameras were introduced into the ACT in October 1999, with subsequent widespread acceptance of the cameras as a road safety measure in the Territory. The program was expanded in August 2000 to include more speed camera sites and additional camera vans.

The NRMA ACT Road Safety Trust commissioned a study by ARRB Transport Research into the effectiveness of the program. After 18 months of surveillance of vehicle speeds, this study has found that the speed cameras have substantially lowered the speeds of drivers who previously drove at greater than 10km/h over the speed limit. It has also found that crashes at the initial speed camera sites have significantly decreased by 36% and fatalities have decreased by 74%.

This paper reports on how the speed camera program was introduced and accepted by the public, how the program evaluation was undertaken, and the important results that have come out of the effectiveness report.