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Injury Outcomes in Pole/Tree Crashes

Morris, Andrew, Truedsson, Niklas, Stallgardh, Martina, Magnisson, Maria

Crashes - Pole Crashes


This study examines a sample of real-world frontal and side impact crashes with poles and trees in which the crash-speed and injury outcomes were determined. The data were obtained from individual crash investigations that were conducted as part of an on-going study of vehicle crash performance and occupant injury. A total of 316 single vehicle crashes were available for analysis. The most commonly injured body regions in both frontal and side impacts included the head, chest and lower extremity.

Recent refinements in the EuroNCAP tes t programme have led to the development of an optional pole test, which can be conducted at the manufacturers? discretion. This study demonstrates the representativeness of this additional NCAP requirement in terms of real-world outcomes. This study also highlights the need for the introduction of available injury countermeasures (such as side airbags and side curtains), particularly for protection of occupants in side impact crashes with trees and poles.