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ARRB pro--active fatigue management system

Mabbott, Nick



The ARRB Pro-Active Fatigue Management System utilises fatigue education with ongoing performance management supported by the ARRB Fatigue Monitoring Device. The fatigue monitoring device is a stimulusreaction device that measures reaction times to stimuli. It establishes a baseline performance measure for each operator and tests against this measure throughout the working shift. Data is produced and can be utilised to establish a performance profile of each individual operator. The fatigue management aspect couples fatigue research, education and training into a system of pro-actively managing operator performance. It commences with training that highlights the most pertinent performance issues in a short session directed at what is relevant to the mining environment. The training provides personnel with materials to take home to conduct their own sleep research for inclusion into their personal fatigue management profile. The information collected from this exercise is added to the first (approx.) 6-weeks of data collected from the fatigue monitoring device that has been installed into haul trucks or other mobile plant. Each operator has his/her data analysed and a performance profile is generated to assist in the management of performance. Countermeasures are discussed where appropriate with each individual. At regular intervals, the data for each personnel is revisited and an updated performance profile developed. This unique system offers a very practical combination of fatigue education, training and feedback support from technology. It takes a risk management approach to fatigue by addressing the issues at a grass roots level.