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Road Safety and Diversity, What are the Issues and Agreed Actions for Performance Improvement

Daniells, Gerard, Dellal, Hass

Drink/Drug Driving


We are conducting a National summit in early October 2002, with a range of Road Safety Stakeholders for the express purpose of identifying what the issues are surrounding cultural & linguistic diversity and road safety, and what some high priority actions and strategies which will allow performance improvement in this often neglected area.

The NPEAB would like to present the outcomes of our Summit at the fourthcoming national conference in Adelaide.

The scope of our summit will include:
- The key issues around road safety and cultural diversity
- Key stakeholder identification on what the issues are, and high priority actions and strategies to address these issues
- Key areas of risk
- Key risk controls currently in place, or needing to be implemented
- Methodologies to further the message and extend the reach of road safety messages

Our summit will have key participation from a range of national stakeholders representing a wide cross section of the Road Community including:
- Policing Agencies
- Road Safety Agencies
- Transport Accident Authorities
- Insurance Industry
- Transport Industry Associations (Bus, Taxi, Heavy Vehicle, Driving Schools,
- Employer, Union, Freight Forwarders)
- Research Organisations
- Government Agencies (VicRoads, NSW RTA)
- Tourism Bodies
- Hire Car Market
- Courier Agencies
- Regional Australia
- Emergency Services
- Rehabilitation Agencies and organizations
- Ethnic & Culturally Diverse Communities
- Media Agencies

This area of Cultural Diversity and road safety has been traditionally overlooked. But as our immigrant population continues to grow, along with international tourists visiting our country, and an aging diverse population, the issues of road safety and cultural diversity are becoming more and more apparent, and hence the purpose of our summit, and the need to communicate the outcomes of our summit to a wide and varied audience.

We look forward to receiving your feedback on how we could best fit in and support your program.