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Infringement Intelligence Driving Targeted Road Policing Enforcement

Paterson, Neil



In 2008/09 Victoria Police issued 1,889,246 infringements across a broad range of road based offences through both our road safety camera network and on-the-spot fines issued by police. This figure will grow marginally for the 2009/10 financial year. These infringements are broken down into the following categories: Road safety cameras 1,396,702 On-the-spot infringements 492,544 With nearly 1.9 million infringements issued annually in Victoria this leads to a significant warehouse of intelligence that in past has only been utilised to ensure expiation of the infringement against an individual or company, subsequent court processes and that the individual receives their appropriate demerit points. When local police issue an on-the-spot fine to a motorist who resides in their local area they may become aware of their offending history and in turn include details of that person in tasking sheets to ensure that if they continue to drive poorly they are targeted for their driving actions. Whilst appropriate, past practices in this area have not allowed for an intelligence led or strategic focus to target the worst drivers on Victorian roads. In March 2010, the Road Policing Enforcement Division of Victoria Police, which has responsibility for the road safety camera network and also collates all data on police issued infringements commenced a new process to provide intelligence to local police divisions to enable them to maintain awareness of their worst road offenders and target them with appropriate enforcement methods.