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Western Australian Children and Road Safety Review

Zines, Debbie, Kirby, Gary



In 2000, the \'Office of Road Safety\', on behalf of the Road Safety Council of WA initiated a review in to road safety initiatives being undertaken that targeted children and novice drivers. The task included an independent review of the nature and extent of crash involvement of young people aged 0 to 20 years-of-age, and initiatives being undertaken with these age groups as a primary target.

The recommendations of the review were considered by an inter-sectoral Steering Group and three working groups (0 to 4 years; 5 to 15 years; and pre and novice drivers) that provided a final report to the Road Safety Council in June 2002. Issues considered include school-based road safety, bicycle education, driver education, early childhood and parental involvement and pre-driver education. This paper will discuss the process used, the content of the final report and early implementation plans.