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Crash characteristics of helmeted pedal cyclists

McIntosh, AS, Pang, TY, Schilter, E, Thai, K.T, Rechnitzer, George, Finch, C.F., McCrory, P



The results of a prospective study of pedal cycle crashes are reported. Cyclists were recruited from three major trauma centres in Sydney and through cycle organisations. The main sample criteria were that the cyclist crashed, and that they hit their head while wearing a helmet. Injury and non-injury cases were collected. Case sampling occurred over a period of 18 months. The response rate through hospitals was approximately 14% for those meeting the selection criteria. All cyclists were interviewed and the helmets were examined. Characteristics such as crash characteristics and injury are reported. The relationships between the crash characteristics, helmet use and injury are presented. The paper reports on 98 cases and excludes fatal cases. Half of the cyclists did not experience a head injury.