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Review of Truck Safety: Stage 3: Other countermeasures

Lambert, John

Heavy Vehicles


The aim of the project is to identify appropriate countermeasures, (apart from those related to underrun protection) that would result in improvements in heavy vehicle design, with particular emphasis on reducing crash risk and injury risk. In particular the research project as to:
? Review and collate the findings from major Australian studies examining heavy vehicle crashes that were carried out for VicRoads and FORS during the 1990s.
? Carry out a literature review to identify any relevant overseas findings and developments subsequent to these studies including a review of any existing or proposed design standards or practices that have the potential to improve heavy vehicle safety.
? Identify heavy vehicle design countermeasures that would be relevant to the Australian environment to reduce crash risk and injury risk..

Based on the work detailed above, it is recommended that design standards be changed to include requirements for cabin strength, consideration of better driver?s seat and seat belt design, and better access for the driver to the cabin and to the load space and maintenance areas.