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The Transport Accident Commission’s Motorcycle Safety Strategy

Cockfield, Samantha, Macrae, Shengah, Thompson, John



Despite accounting for only 3% of registered vehicles and 0.7% of kilometres travelled in Victoria, in 2007/08 over 14% of fatality and 14% of serious injury claims to the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) related to motorcyclists. Over the past 10 years, motorcycle registrations, number of learner permits issued and new motorcycle sales have notably increased. TAC’s claims costs related to motorcyclists claims have also escalated during this period with the overall cost to the TAC being in the order of 4-5 times higher per vehicle for motorcycles than for passenger vehicles. Research indicates motorcyclists are 38 times more likely to be injured in a crash compared to car occupants. With the aim of reducing the number and severity of rider injuries, the TAC has invested extensively in research with motorcyclist’s and the industry to ascertain attitudes, behaviours and perceptions towards motorcycling, risk perception and self reported wearing of protective clothing to develop a strategic approach towards motorcycle safety in Victoria. This paper and associated presentation, documents the TAC’s motorcycle safety strategy including the development of public education campaigns, consumer events and activities to communicate the core message; riders can reduce their personal risk by riding at a legal, safe speed and wearing protective clothing.