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Way2Go—safer, greener and more active travel for South Australian primary school children

Thomas, Narelle

School Safety


Way2Go is a unique program comprising: • a website and teaching resources • access to activities, including Way2go Bike Ed • survey results and information for developing school targets • tools for measuring mode shift over a 5 year cycle • opportunities for community partnerships and participation. Information about development and evaluation processes for Way2Go, using School Travel Plans as a core document for schools to examine travel modes, perceptions and behaviours around student journeys to and from school will be presented. Current Australian statistics indicate that 80% of students living within a 2km radius of their school are driven there and back. This is similar in South Australia. Parents are fearful that their children will not be safe using the road network unsupervised and busy lifestyles mean that sometimes options for travel other than the car are never considered. School Travel Plans are an effective tool to plan for and implement strategies and initiatives for sustainable behaviour change around safer, greener and more active travel, with increased road safety benefits and outcomes for families, and the community more broadly. Information on how data is collected and transferred into a Way2Go School Travel Plan will be included, as will outcomes that can be achieved by working in partnership with local government, schools and communities and using the School Travel Plan as a vehicle for change.