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Motorcycling in Victoria: Preliminary findings of the evaluation of the Community Education and Policing Project

Baldock, M, Kloeden, Craig N., Ponte, Giulio, Lyford, Marilyn, Raftery, S (Peer reviewed)



The Community Policing and Education Project was launched by VicRoads and Victoria Police in 2009 to reduce the likelihood of motorcycle crashes through a combination of enforcement and education countermeasures. The Centre for Automotive Safety Research at the University of Adelaide was chosen to evaluate the effectiveness of the Project using a range of methods. These methods include a process evaluation, analysis of crash data, on-road speed surveys, an online survey of motorcyclists, and roadside traffic observation. This paper provides a brief summary of the first round of roadside observations of motorcyclists, the first on-road speed surveys, and the early results of the online survey. The first round of roadside observations were focused on some of the areas included in the education component, including the use of headlights, helmets, protective gear and high conspicuity clothing by motorcyclists, analysed by type of motorcycle. The on-road speed surveys were conducted on regional Victorian roads. The online survey included sections on rider demographics, motorcycle characteristics, riding history, offences, crashes, exposure to enforcement, perceived likelihood of detection, views on road infrastructure, and on-road behaviour. The results provide insights into the issues that are of concern to motorcyclists, as well as motorcycle riding patterns, riding behaviour and use of protective clothing.