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R U Over It ? A new campaign targeting "morning after" drink driving offences by young drivers.

White, R.E., Robinson, S, Fasch, K

Drink Driving


A significant proportion (25%) of drink drive offenders attending Greater Southern Area Health Service’s (GSAHS) education programs have been caught the ‘morning after’. Most of these particular drivers are clearly misinformed about the amount of time required to eliminate alcohol from the body. R U Over It is a drink drive prevention campaign aimed at providing the public with skills to more accurately calculate their blood alcohol concentration the day after a big night out. Previous road safety advertising has provided minimal and vague information on this topic leaving drivers without the skills to accurately determine when they will be safe to drive. The R U Over It campaign was the outcome of an in-depth external evaluation of a previous GSAHS ‘morning after’ campaign. The new campaign, trialled throughout Leeton NSW, included for the first time several youth friendly advertising mediums such as a web page with an interactive online blood alcohol calculator and links to ‘Facebook’. In addition, stamps were placed on the hands of drinkers in major licensed venues as a visual reminder to utilise alternative transport methods the next day. A new range of radio advertisements, pamphlets, coasters and posters were also developed to support the campaign.