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Optimizing driver performance monitoring and feedback: An innovative approach utilizing a global mobile interactive e-platform

Levick, Nadine

Vehicle Technology


This is a pilot study of a new concept in real time driver behavior monitoring and feedback. It usesa smartphone e-platform configured to enhance Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA), capture real time two way vehicle operations data and to simultaneously remove driver distraction from mobile phone calls and texting. The smartphone is configured with a downloadable software application (app) with telematics, Global Green Drive (GGD), and operates via an e-platform integrated with GPS and GPRS, and capable of immediate auditory driver feedback with analysed driver performance data for fleet management oversight. The smartphone is capable of detecting vehicle motion via both the accelerometer and changes in GPS and GPRS location. It also has the capacity to identify harsh braking. Software configuration can also disable the use of texting and non-emergency calls whilst the vehicle is in motion. The smartphone devices and e-platform were implemented initially in small fleet settings in 5 countries, UK, USA, Ireland, Switzerland and Australia. Preliminary evaluation data captured as quality assurance (QA) data for a 6 week period identified rectifiable operational and implementation issues - and demonstrated user functionality, device stability and performance on a range of diverse mobile phone handsets and environments.