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Impact and Process Evaluation of the Keys for Life Program

Govan, G, Haworth, Narelle, Hood, S

Driver Education


The Road Aware Drivers Program is the principal pre-driver education initiative for 15 to 20 year olds in WA. It was established to: (1) develop, implement and evaluate a school based pre-driver program (Keys for Life) and a related parent session (Keys for Life parent workshop) to encourage parental involvement in driving practice, (2) work with agencies involved in school road safety and pre-driver education to ensure messages are coordinated and shared, and to (3) provide support for road safety education in rural and remote areas. This paper presents some of the results of the evaluation of the Keys for Life program. It concluded that the Program has been effective in delivering road safety education in the school context and developing positive road-user attitudes and behaviours amongst students. It has also contributed to establishing a cohort of teachers with knowledge and skills in road safety education. Five challenges for the Program into the future were identified: (1) streamlining planning and implementation at the school level; (2) enhancing the involvement of agencies/organisations; (3) improving program management data; (4) updating teacher resources; and (5) increasing the uptake of parent workshops.