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keys2drive – Find your own way to a safer driving culture

Smith, K

Driver Licensing & Training


keys2drive is a road safety program which encourages learner drivers to adopt aware, sustainable and healthy driving behaviour. keys2drive provides a different approach to learning to drive—a coaching method called ‘Find Your Own Way’ which aims to establish a safe driving culture. keys2drive is a joint initiative of the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) and its member clubs, with the support of the driver training industry and funding from the Australian Government. keys2drive provides learner drivers with a ‘free lesson’, which brings together the learner driver, the supervising driver (usually mum or dad) and a keys2drive accredited driving instructor. Funded by the Australian Government, the ‘free lesson’ introduces the keys2drive coaching approach (Find Your Own Way), with examples of how the supervisor and learner driver can use this approach when learning to drive. The national rollout of keys2drive commenced in the second half of 2009 in Tasmania and Victoria. 2010 has, to date, seen the program introduced in the other States. This paper reviews the national rollout of keys2drive and its effect in creating a safe driving culture including the role of the driver training industry, community ownership, learner drivers and parents. We will also draw on a number of stories which demonstrate this culture.