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OPERATION RAID:Remove All Impaired Drivers

Timms, M, Holloway APM, M



In its 17 year history, Operation RAID (Remove All Impaired Drivers) has evolved from a locally based enforcement program to a unique example of national best practice in inter-jurisdiction enforcement. RAID, held in the lead up to the festive season, serves to focus public awareness on drink and drug impaired driving at a time of the year where the abuse of these substances contribute to road trauma and anti-social behaviour. RAID is a first for Australian road policing as it is designed and coordinated entirely at the practitioner level. Managed by a National Planning Committee comprising sworn and unsworn personnel, RAID has developed a holistic enforcement strategy which can be utilised by specialist road policing officers as well as general duties members. The flexibility of the RAID enforcement matrix has allowed the progressive introduction of Random Drug Testing across the jurisdictions to be incorporated into the national RAID operation orders. Media and marketing strategies have been developed and reviewed by the National Planning Committee to ensure consistency and relevancy across all jurisdictions. This has included the development of a specific RAID logo to portray cross-jurisdictional unity and best practice.