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Masculinity Delinquency and the Risky Road Use Behaviour of Young Male Offenders

Williams, Clive

Young Drivers


Despite the considerable evidence confirming the predominance of young males in traffic injury, gender has not been considered a significant factor in road safety education programs. This research examines the relationship between the perceptions of young males with motor vehicle offending histories concerning their masculinity and the relationship, if any between the enactment of these perceptions and their road use behaviour. Focusing on the specific behaviour of Opportunistic Vehicle Theft (Unlawful Use of a Motor Vehicle) the Theory of Planned Behaviour was used to examine personal attitudes, subjective norms and beliefs concerning how much control the participants believed they exercised over internal and external factors regarding the execution of a vehicle theft. Semi-structured interviews and focus groups were conducted with young men and associated agency staff through a range of youth justice agencies. Qualitative results from these interviews are presented.

This study is part of a PhD program developing a theory-driven intervention for young male offenders.