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Community Safe Speed Promise: A joint initiative between the Cities of Joondalup and Stirling

MacDonald, M, Pope, Shane

Community Programs


The City of Joondalup and the City of Stirling received a Community Road Safety Grant in December 2008 to fund the ‘Community Safe Speed Promise’ initiative. The initiative was established from a former initiative known as the ‘Neighbourhood Pace Car Pledge’ developed by David Engwicht. The initiative asks residents to sign a ‘Community Safe Speed Promise’ and commit to driving within the speed limit. Participants receive a bumper sticker and fridge magnet so they are easily identifiable and can set an example for other motorists. The aim of the initiative is to reduce the average travel speeds in the City of Joondalup and the City of Stirling. Results collected through a pre- and post-questionnaire showed that participants appeared to be older (aged over 55 years) and already recognised speeding as an issue in society. People who are actually speeding and people from other age groups are not joining the initiative. As a result, the goal of the initiative was not achieved. It is recommended that the ways to improve engagement of different groups in community road safety initiatives would be worthwhile investigating.